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St. Luke’s mission is service to our neighbor: the poor, the sick, the suffering.

It has always been our goal “to tend our fields.”

The Community Outreach programs at The Church of St. Luke in the Fields are our missional work. In the 19th century, supporters like you helped us distribute bread to the poor. In the 1980s, you enabled the creation of The AIDS Project of St. Luke's, providing Saturday dinners and teas, weekend vigils in hospital wards, and support and succor to thousands of afflicted persons.

Today, we look around our neighborhood and ask: Who are our neighbors most in need? The answer is clear. Our fields are full of the poor, the young and vulnerable.  They are children born into poverty, whose promising lives are stopped before they can even begin. They are LGBTQ+ homeless youth, cut off at the cusp of adulthood: out on the streets because their families turned their backs on them -- simply because of who they are, who they love, or how they present to the world.

The GO Project at St. Luke’s helps shape the futures of low-income New York City public school children by providing critical academic, social, and emotional support starting in the early elementary years, with year-round educational and family support services to those who need it most. Learn more about The GO Project here.

Art & Acceptance at St. Luke’s is our weekly drop-in center featuring art and dinner on Saturday nights for homeless and marginally housed LGBTQ+ youth. In NYC right now, over half of homeless youth identify as LGBTQ+. Learn more about Art & Acceptance here.

Help St. Luke’s extend our Outreach. Make your donation now, and help us tend our fields.

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